A fintech research and development initiative to improve clients’ portfolio

while managing risk and compliance

Social behavior changes

Old school advisory meetings or two hours late lunches are things from the past. Today’s fast passed mobile-driven clients’ lifestyle forces wealth managers to use new technologies.

Markets volatility

With increasing geopolitical instability and with ~ 70  % of markets float executed by robots, market volatility is here to stay.

Price Competitivenes

The new market trend on $ 0 based commissions from market makers and new kids on the block fintech companies, threatens wealth managers’ practice. 

 Analyzing over + 8,500 US equities
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US Equities Real time Market Intelligence  

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Algorithms built based on Active Momentum and Mean Reversal Trading Strategies

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 Planned successful ratio

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Key Governance and Compliance regulations observed


High net worth and high-income clients are increasingly concerned on fees, portfolio performance and access to critical market information.

How Wealth Managers can separate from the Robo-advisors herd?

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